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Find an Ohio Midwife

Important Disclaimer:The Ohio Midwives Alliance (OMA) provides a list of names to help you locate a midwife in your area. OMA does not evaluate, rate, credential, oversee, or monitor the midwives on this list and makes no representation regarding the practice of any of the midwives listed and is not responsible for the practice of such midwives.

OMA urges all parents to take responsibility for their birth experience by informing themselves regarding the competency of local practitioners. This can be done by asking questions, obtaining local references, and learning what quality midwifery care entails through reading and discussion with other parents and care providers. A guideline of important questions to ask a midwife you are considering working with can be found on the 'For Parents' page of this website.

Click here to confirm that you have read and understand the disclaimer as written above. You will be directed to a listing of Ohio midwives. 

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